induction (dc1)
induction (dc1)
A Sample Induction Course
Handling Fresh Produce Safely (SHV4)
Handling Fresh Produce Safely (SHV4)
This VegPRO training course has been designed to ensure that fresh pickers and those that handle fresh produce understand the importance of handling vegetables in a clean and safe manner to manage the risk of food contamination.
Train the Trainer for the Vegetable Industry (VegPRO TT01)
Train the Trainer for the Vegetable Industry (VegPRO TT01)
The Train the Trainer course has been produced by VegPRO to inform you what VegPRO might expect when you are contracted to deliver training for the vegetable sector. It is important that trainers, not familiar with vegetable producers and...
VegPRO VegInductions (VegPRO VI)
VegPRO VegInductions (VegPRO VI)
VegPROs’ Veg Induction is for those working in the vegetable industry. The full induction will take approximately 40 minutes and consists of 10 modules: • Personal Protective Equipment • Chemical Safety • Machinery...
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